Composite materials globally are mainly produced using unsaturated polyester (UP) resins and/or epoxy vinyl ester (VE) resins as the matrix resin. These resins together with glass fibers or other types of reinforcements are the key building blocks in creating composites with different final properties like, high mechanical strength compared to weight, excellent corrosion resistance, electrical properties (isolating), good thermal properties and flame retardant properties, etc.

Composites built of UP/VE resins, glass fibers and/or other reinforcements are used in market sectors like :

  • Building (panels, corrugated/flat sheets, profiles, infrastructure, bridges, sanitary ware, swimming pools, subsea construction etc.)
  • Tanks, Containers, Pipes (incl. relining of pipes)
  • Electrical (wind turbines, appliance)
  • Marine (pleasure boats, utility vessels)
  • Automotive (cars, trucks, trains, container panels)
  • Castings (artificial stone, marble etc.)
  • Formulated products (gelcoats, adhesives, putties)

Composites are increasingly substituting traditional materials, such as aluminium, steel, concrete, natural stone and wood, due to their unique tailored properties. Composites are also accepted for their ability to produce complex high quality structures and/or fully finished units, which reduce the need for sub-assembly.

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