About UP/VE resins

Unsaturated polyester (UP) resins and epoxy vinyl ester (VE) resins are liquid products containing linear unsaturated polyester polymers respectively epoxy vinyl ester polymers (50-70%) and mainly styrene (30-50%). The role of styrene is first to dissolve the polymers for good application properties when adding the reinforcement and secondly to take part in the curing process by cross linking the linear polymers and creating the final reinforced structure or composite.

By choosing different raw materials in building the linear UP/VE polymer, different final properties of the composites can be achieved: high mechanical strength compared to weight, excellent corrosion resistance, electrical properties (isolating), good thermal properties and flame retardant properties, etc.


Composites built of UP/VE resins, glass fibers and/or other reinforcements are used in market sectors like :

  • Building (panels, corrugated/flat sheets, profiles, infrastructure, bridges, sanitary ware, swimming pools, subsea construction etc.)
  • Tanks, Containers, Pipes (incl. relining of pipes)
  • Electrical (wind turbines, appliance)
  • Marine (pleasure boats, utility vessels)
  • Automotive (cars, trucks, trains, container panels)
  • Castings (artificial stone, marble etc.)
  • Formulated products (gelcoats, adhesives, putties)