Safe Handling Guides

The UP Resin Safe Handling Guides address the key health, safety and environmental issues associated with the storage and processing of raw materials in the UP/VE resin industry. This includes advice and guidance to ensure good housekeeping when using UP resins, as well as specific recommendations on styrene exposure and abatement, Personal Protective equipment (PPE), and legislation governing UP resins in the EU.




1Safe handling of unsaturated polyester resinsPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
2Occupational exposure to styrenePDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
3European legislation governing the polyester industryPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
4Cleaner, smarter, cheaper” Towards a safe and clean polyester workshopPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
5Low styrene emission and low styrene content resinsPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF